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Hey you editor people... I just received an email from Mr Lamat asking to be an editor. What do you reckon?

Hi Chris ...

Thanks for the "edit rules" in my banner ; I edit a big number of games this afternoon and will finish it tonight (I have some games to test with m37b15 ; some which has never playbacked before seems to playback with this version ... like carnival eh eh :))

I also was wondering if you could make me an editor ; even if I'm one of the older marpers and know well mame&marp, I know it probably have to be approoved before by other editors, but both Pat Laffaye and Skito will tell you that I made a big work backstage while you were absent, especially on soccer games where I found the scoring which privileges number of matches won and counts defense, and then playbacked all inputs on all soccers (!) and send all scores to Pat and Skito so that they can edit all ...

I think that same kind of work as to be made on other sports games with no particular scoring, like basket, tennis and maybe baseball ; but frankly, if I'm ok to check all inputs, it's a little boring to mail an editor for each of them

I have to let you .. there is some good matches at Wimbledon this afternoon on my tv :)

Regards Phil


PS. There's no suitable category for this message. How about a category for 'staff', 'appointments', or some such?

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2001


1) One rule that we all agreed on is the maximum number of editors is seven. One of us would have to go if we tried to let Phil in... reminds me of something...

2) I seriously doubt a lot of us are comfortable of letting Phil in. We do have quite a bit of issues with him, but in my opinion, he has been improving... but even if there were openings, I would say no.


-- Anonymous, July 02, 2001

Like GB9 said, I really wouldn't feel comfortable with Phil as an editor. Yes, he has made a better name for himself recently... but I don't think coming up with a scoring system for soccer games equals a free ticket into Editorship. There's always going to be doubt in everyone's minds after the Crystal Castles debacle in T2...


-- Anonymous, July 03, 2001

I agree with this sentiment. I actually would have had no objection to let phil in, even with the cheating incidents. However now that he's blatently disregaurded my ideas for primella scoring, (were they (my ideas) that bad?), i don't see much promise for phil becoming a responsible editor.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001

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