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Why do some VCDs work on the Sega Saturn, with VCD card, and some don't? I tried looking at the files in each folder and noticed the VCDs that work, have the lot.VCD and pds.VCD files in their VCD folder. The ones that won't work, don't have these files in their VCD folder. Why does it matter? I'm new to VCDs and want to know how I could convert a VCD movie that doesn't have these files into a VCD that does have the LOT and PDS files.

-- enimuzik (, July 02, 2001


I found the answer to my own question. Thanks me! You're the BEST!!!

-- eni (, July 31, 2002.

The Sega Saturn Video Card is 100% compatable with all saturn consoles. But any 3rd party like hitachi or jvc you are at risk for compatability and life. Always stay away from 3rd party carts, except for the 4-1 ProActionReplayPlus.

-- dr evil (, December 29, 2003.

I have the JVC card and a Victor card. They both work great and are actually better than the Sega Saturn Video Card because they have Photo CD capability too. The JVC card also supports PAL vcds. The Sega brand VCD/Movie card does not have these capabilities.

-- enimuzik (, December 30, 2003.

The VCD Development? whatever it is PCI cards that came with my saturn sophia development kit (official sega) are made by jvc :O

-- Adrian Lawrence (, February 03, 2004.

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