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I have a Sharp DVD player which automatically detects PAL/NTSC output. I live in Canada and has bought some VCDs from Hong Kong I know that HK is using PAL system. But the VCD dealer told me that their VCD will output both. This is the first time I use VCD from HK. According to the player maual, it will switch to NTSC if a NTSC CD is put in first after the power on and it will switch to PAL if a PAL CD is put in first. Since the CDs from HK are all PAL by default, I have problem getting the player to switch. In order to solve the problem, I can think of 2 ways: 1. Purchase a NTSC only VCD to ensure that the player will switch. But I have difficulties finding a NTSC only VCD. There seems to be no obvious identification on the package to say if the CD is NTSC only or PAL only or both ( I think we can have both NTSC and PAL on the same CD). Can some one tell me how I can be sure ? or point me to a CD title or seller which I can be sure that the VCD is NTSC. 2. Convert the PAL VCD to NTSC VCD.(The dealer may not be telling the truth).Can some one tell me how I can do that ? With what software ?

-- Kelvin Yung (, July 01, 2001


You're getting too ahead of something simple. All VCD players have a switch, usually at the back, which selects PAL, NTSC, and AUTO. One reason VCDs are not labeled NTSC or PAL is because such is largely determined by the playback hardware (your player and TV). Where resolution and framerate are concerned, VCDs are of two types: 352x240/29.97, and 352x288/25. A VCD player set to auto will modulate the 352x240/29.97 to NTSC and the other to PAL. If you deliberately choose NTSC, it will modulate the output to NTSC always, the only difference being a 352x240/29.97 will have a framerate of 29.97, and the other is 25. A latest model NTSC-only TV should be able to display 29.97 and 25fps correctly. You can buy both VCD types. And in Hong Kong they even range all over the place, color system-wise. I have a 352x240/29.97 Mandarin-subtitled "There's Something About Mary" VCD bought at HMV in Kowloon. This is for VCD ONLY players. DVD players are a more complicated matter; some don't have a switch, and others will not display hybrids like 352x240/25, meaning if the VCD detected is 352x240 it will ALWAYS be displayed NTSC (29.97)and if 352x288 it will always be displayed as PAL (25). You probably have to get a multi-system TV at this point.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, July 02, 2001.

I am not sure how if I should open a new question to repsonse to an answer. I'll just use the answer option now to qvoid opening a new question. If I should open a new question, please let me know.

I wish there is a switch on my player. There is none and the instruction that comes with the machine told me to play a NTSC VCD to set the mode. That's why I ask the original question.

The PAL VCD will 'play' on my NTSC TV except that it is in black and white and the frames are moving up the screen continuousely. This is properly because of the different in frame rate as described by Mehmet in the first answer.

-- Kelvin Yung (, July 02, 2001.

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