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Anyone have any good stories about the police? I think this was the first time I've ever dealt with them for anything other than traffic violations or noisy parties.

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001


I know I have some story about cops -- like when I was a teenager and I was with a friend in the local mall parking lot smoking marijuana in his car, and the red lights suddenly came on behind us.

When we got out a big cloud of smoke rolled from the car.

The cop never blinked though. This was still the early days where it was still fairly uncommon, and probably cops weren't exposed to the smell for training purposes. So, we answered a couple questions, and drove home. -------- Here's some inside FBI stuff courtesy of my brother (who never heard that above story, don't tell him, huh).

He's an agent, and sometimes he's required to follow suspects across several states (in stealth, not lights and siren pursuit). Because the targets sometimes speed, my brother occasionally will get pulled over by the local cops. Since he's in a unmarked car, he pulls over. The cops give him a ticket, and he files it later back at the office. I don't know why they don't bother to go through identification process right there (even though he carries it).

BTW, since there is usually another car in pursuit (and radio contact), this doesn't normally hamper surveillance.

I'm not sure, I might have to kill anyone who reads this. Soorry,

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001

I used to believe (I kid you not) that a society that wanted to be safe should dedicate no less than one third of its citizenry to some type of policing force. Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot.

Nowadays my interaction with the PO-lice is sparse and usually because I was speeding along some country backroad at the break neck speed of fifty-two. There was nobody around save me and a few hundred stinky cows. To make matters worse, two tenths of a mile up the same back ass country road the speed limit was elevated from thirty-five to fifty-five -- three tears in a bucket!

Once upon a time I called the cops on dragonlady. Near the end of the relationship I preferred the stiff, unresponsive couch coushins to sleeping in bed with her. She always wanted to "do it" and if I didn't want to "do it", (largely the case at this point in our relationship), I was forced into an argument centering around how I didn't want to be with her (well yeah, duh).

So, I'm half asleep on the couch, falling asleep to the sound of some sports odds and ends no doubt, and next thing I know, I've got fingers with long fake ass nails around my neck! What the fuck? I twisted free and sprung up still half dazed. Even in my confused state, I knew it was her. She used to blow up all the time. There was no instinct to fight back only to flee.

Only thing is, she knew I wouldn't stick around to yell and fuss with her. I stood up and both of our eyes went to the shelf that held the wooden dish where I kept my keys table. Luckily I was closer to it. I snatched my keys and walked out the door in my boxers planning to spend the rest of the night in the car. Well, dragonlady would have none of that.

I thought I'd gotten away and that she'd calm down, sleep off her rage and that I'd seriously start hunting for my own place the next day. I thought like shit. On my way to the car a big crash and the bang of metal stopped me in my tracks. My little angel was still there, asleep in her crib. Damn.

To make a long story short - dragonlady was trying to toss my brand spanking new gas barbeque grill off the third floor balcony. Good thing the propane tank was full the damb thing is bulky and awkward as hell. (kinda like dragonlady these days)

She was flippin' out. I think it was because she knew I was leaving soon. SO, just to play it safe, I called the coppers. I figured the neighbors were only a few seconds from it anyway. I called, two male officers came and wouldn't you know it - I was escorted out of the house to sit in the police cruiser while dragonlady boohooed her way into the sympathy of the second officer. So there I sat, red scratch marks around my neck, looking at some dude who obviously thought I was a prick wife abuser, figuring I was on my way to jail. All it would've taken was a single lie saying that I hit her and slam! My ass belonged to Big Bubba for three to ten years.

I know that women get abused by men far more often than women abuse men, but I often wonder how many guys in situations like mine are unfairly carted off because some male cop convinces a crying woman that she should file charges on her husband. If our system of justice can wrongly convict and put to death innocent people, often due to the slant or bias a cop or DA takes, makes you wonder how many other innocent lives the system has fucked up.

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2001

If our system of justice can wrongly convict and put to death innocent people, often due to the slant or bias a cop or DA takes...

Can you cite any sources to back up this claim for the last 25 years or so?

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2001

You are truly the consummate troll. I poured out my heart, looking for a bit of sympathy and all you wanna do is argue about the death penalty. Well, fine. If my tales of woe do nothing to soften that hardened turtle shell of insolence covering the blob of spineless jelly you call self esteem...

here is a link - it may be standard liberal propoganda or not - ? It was, however, the result of an enthusiastic intensive pry into the topic (first link in a Google search). click me bitch

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001

Rudeboy, I just skimmed your post and that fact you mentioned about the death penalty caught my eye. I was only pointing out that you are blindly repeating something you heard that has no basis in fact.

Now that I've read the rest of your post, however, I must offer my sincere sympathies. You, sir, were wronged. You were the unfortunate victim of a grave injustice. You did the right thing and what did you get as a reward for your efforts? Nothing but trouble. A person couldn't blame you for thinking that maybe wife beating isn't the absolute sin you always thought it was. If the next time you decided that matters needed to be taken into your own hands who would dare censure you?

Yes, Rudeboy, our prisons are filled with victims of our sexist justice system. Why are 90% of prisoners male? We know that men and women are equal, so this disparity can only be the result of fundamental flaws in our justice system. Until parity is achieved the wheels of justice should assume the female is the perpetrator in cases such as yours. It's only fair. Until the prisons are filled with 50% females we cannot rest in our quest for justice.

Carry on, my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done. There, there, Rudeboy, lay your weary head to rest and don't you cry no more.

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2001

Well I carry two badges, one for the county that I live in,and one for a smaller city. I like many do not do it for the money but to try and keep the streets safe for everyone. And I do mean everyone. After 21 years of it, I would not change a thing. And I have went all around this old world and seen many types of law. And the United States has a far better system then the rest.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2002

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