Urgent Help requred for Vp4 please !

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Hi Everyone,

I am a videopack 4 user and up until today iv never experienced any problems with it. The problem im having is when vp4 is in the process of writing a video track i get an error message saying ' write block failed '. In my case this video track is number '05'. I've also noticed that vp4 does not let you create more that 9 video tracks, or does it (???), This is because towards the end when i see the whole of my project with all its tracks listed, it only goes down to 09. I dont know if i am doing something wrong here but is this suppose to happen? cuz iv got 11 tracks not 09.

Anyway heres a typical example of what im trying to do.

====================================================================== 1st node - 1stmenu (2 items : mpeg vid/2nd menu

2nd node - mpeg vid

3rd node - 2nd menu (5 items : mpeg vid/mpeg vid/mpeg vid/mpeg vid/ 3rd menu)

4th node - mpeg vid

5th node - mpeg vid

6th node - mpeg vid

7th node - mpeg vid

8th node - 3rd menu (5items :mpeg vid/mpeg vid/mpeg vid/back to 2nd menu/play 2nd node

9th node - mpeg vid

10th node - mpeg vid

11th node - mpeg vid ====================================================================== Im extremely sorry if this confuses anyone but i had no other way of desrbing my problem. Anyway as you see i have 3 menus all of which are mpeg videos (not stills as i create my own using adobe premiere) and 8 mpeg tracks. Can someone see where im going wrong cuz iv wasted quite a number of vcds. Thanks

-- SHARKEE (Sharky_786@hotmail.com), June 30, 2001

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