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There is so much knowledge and experience from those who read and contribute to this board. Why not network and share these resources for our districts. What are you passionate about or have expertise? For example I would like to work on issues regarding Rural ministry, church development and black farmers. Anyone have an interest in oversees partnerships, young black men ministries, prison ministries, children, guest speakers, etc. We have a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and solutions that can focus on kingdom building. There is nothing we cannot do build this denomination. Please share an interest that you have or a specific ministry that you are working on. Also is anyone using their law or medical degrees for specific ministries? We can do all things with Christ within us! God loves us so much, let's show our love by doing his work.

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001


Ms. Rogers:

As a member of St. John AME Church in Cleveland, Ohio, currently attending Colgate-Rochester in Rochester, NY, I don't see how anyone would want to share anything with you. The reason being is I have read many of your posts and watched your activities on this Bulletin Board for the past year and you appear to be a very messy, ficitious, psychotic and devious woman. And I'll bet my psychological instincts are correct and that you contributed to much of this confusion going on this time on this Bulletin Board. By the way, I am a strong, young Black lady and will not even dignify the statements that the slavery of African Americans was nothing in comparison to the Jewish holocaust. Because if I reply to your statements, Mr. Paujo, Mr. Paris and other "no name persons", it would really be ugly!

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001

Rev. Rogers,

A refreshing breath of fresh air! Praise the Lord! As you know, but some may not, I have a burden for planting new AME congregations. If you visit the 10th Episcopal District Web Site, you will find links to some of the things required to plant new churches in Texas. That will not help others specifically, but perhaps ideas will. For example, we are using the 2000 Census Data to evaluate areas for new churches.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001

10th District web site is: http://www.amec-10thdist.org

forgot to put it in the previous post. Sorry about that.


-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001

Enough, enough, enough of these posionous "editorials". It is truly regrettable that posts proferred by the likes of Nicole Taylor continue to find themselves in the public domain of individual and collective edification. Her reckless accusations of linking Rev. Denise Rogers with the most recent brouhaha on this BB are completely devoid of fact and truth. I don't have to defend Rev. Rogers' motives because I think her sincerity, zeal and knowledge speakes crystal clear for her self. What I will defend however is her integrity which Ms. Taylor desires to cast aspersions. As a woman who returned to obtain advanced learning at one of the premier academic instituions in this country [Princeton, M.Div.], assisted her daughter to enroll and graduate from one of the finest liberal arts colleges, executed her maternal duties when her daughter became gravely ill, coordinator of a grass-roots organization to stamp out hate in the state of MT and dedicate her pastoral work to rural ministries, it is singularly insensitive much less inaccurate to suggest, as Ms. Taylor does, that Rev. Rogers is of dubious character. I consider it a privilege and a blessing to have known her both on and off this BB. She is my friend and I am unapolegetic about making that claim!! If folks wish not to network their resources on this BB, fine and OK, but please let's not attempt to hinder others by stooping to scatalogical statements. Perhaps Ms. Taylor before you complete your Ph.D. or D. Min. training at your distinguished instituion you will find time to understand and apply the Golden Rule. QED

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001

Bill, I must agree. This indeed must stop! I am reminded of a line by Paul Laurence Dunbar, "Evah mo'nin' on dis place, Seem lak I mus' lose my grace."

It has been my understanding that education and acceptance of Christian ideals broadens one scope and tolerance of the feeling and ideas which others express. Unfortunately, on this board the converse has too often been the case. Instead of wholesome adult exchange of ideas, it often seem we have resorted to childish pranks. That is to say, "I don't want to play in your yard or on your team so I am going to take my doll and my ball and go home." "And while I'm at it, I am going to tell my daddy on you too." My first inclination would be to say, "who cares"? Like the minister says at Communion, "While these retire let others come."

However, I do believe that every one who has posted here truly loves the Lord and loves the A.M.E. Church. I also feel that each has something to contribute to the advancement of both and the good of all. It would therefore appear that what is happening here is diabolical--not of flesh and blood. It appears we have resorted to a Coliseum like sport of cheering the lions as they attack and kill the Christians.

Thus, I would rather choose to focus on the words of AMEC Hymn # 312-- "Jesus, Great Shepherd of the Sheep". I would also choose to follow the admonition of Saint Paul, "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

I appeal to each of you to do the same.

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2001

I would love to do the same. As I stated before, I am the Chairperson of the Brooklyn Coalition for Pastoral Care for thise who have the HIV/AIDS virus. We received funding for a consultant who will look at other funding for us. I retired from the local ministry this year and went back to my local church. I find that my outside work in the secular world has more value than my work in the AME Church. In the AME Church, I was treated as a second class citizen as I was a loval elder but in the secular world all doors are open to me regardless as this does not make a difference to those persons. It is your knowledge and how you get things done. I also write proposals, do incorporations for those churches who need a separate entity to secure funds for their programs. Most of my work is done outside of the AME Church. But its okay by me as long as I can help someone. So I am ready to network with anyone who so desires.

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2001

I love all of you, regardless if you attack me or not! I have such joy and peace in my heart for the AME denomination. God is doing new and great things with the sons and daughters of Richard Allen. And for me these attacks are confirmation that the good works that are in process must continue! Scripture tells us that God sees all things, scripture tells us that those of us who follow Christ will be persecuted, but scripture also tells us that we will be victorious!! Jesus commands us to love our enemies. And love we will do on this board. On August 6 my church will officially come into the AME denomination, we are coming in with love, strenghth, and determination to do the Lord's work. We are African-American, white, mexican, hawaiian, and native american. We have been discriminated against, we have not heard the gospel message of hope and redemption, but the message of God, Richard Allen and all the saints will raise up an army that will transform this world one person at a time. This Bulletin board belongs to Christ! To those who use aliases, we know who you are, and our prayer warriors thank you for you have provided additional fellowship time for all of us. There is nothing you can do to stop our work for the lord. If this board goes down, God will raise another and another. We will continue to network, and we will multiply the membership of the AME church 10 fold. We will put these incidents in our history books as demonstrations of how God empowered us to continue to use this electronic medium. Yes let us continue to network! Let us gather all of our prayer warriors for a time such as this, for the healing and protection of the AME church. To those who attack, I pray for you at these specific times 7AM 2PM and 10PM. I want you to know that though you may hate me and others on this board, I will continue to pray for your blessings three times a day. A footsoldier in the army of the Lord, Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2001

hello and greetings, i have just recently began reading the board for approx a month now. rev rogers, it appears that you feel the pulse of the mission church as we once knew it. we send greetings to you and the b b gang from the gateway to the gulf coast of the great state of mississippi being located in the southwest section of the state bordering louisianato the west, pearl river to the north, the swamps of the gulf coast to the south and a host of casinos 20 miles down the road to the east. my request is for more information and a desire to grow a rural church under these extreme conditions. if you or anyone else can provide info on growing rural churches, please feel free to converse with through the board or feel free to e mail me at flfields @ifriendly .com or pastorfields @hotmail.com. i know that god is still answering prayers, that is why i am soliciting from the board, those that may have already received a revelation for the rural church. thank you so much and we applaude rev fisher and his family for maintaining the board. i received many inspirational messages from the e mail that he used to send out. i trust that the bb wil truly be a tool of the new millenium that the church can use to broaden its scope flfields@ifriendly.com you so much

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2001

Pastor Fields welcome to the Board! Wow, your area reminds me of Montana in terms of size. I am in the fifth district and Bishop Bryant is my Bishop. The fifth district is very unique because it starts with kansas and spreads west to california, and also includes alaska. I have been in contact with one of our ministers in the great state of kansas and he too shares, that there are many small rural churches in that state that are in need of pastors. I also think of Alaska that has special needs. Pastor Fields, I am an ex New York City girl, who assumed I would be in the city pastoring a church. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be in Montana. (My friends in seminary point out to me that I also prayed,"God send me where you need me.") well here I am. I did not have training in rural ministry per se. But in seminary we did have classes on church growth and oversees mission. The principles I think are the same for rural ministry. With some adaptions. One and foremost is PRAYER. Ask God where he wants to plant a church, you may be surprised at the answer. I was, pray some more, in my case I have a wonderful Presiding Elder, Dr. Ellis Casson that I visited with and shared with him, what I felt God was calling me to do. In my conference the Pacific Northwest Conference, they as the body of Christ have made Rural Ministry and church planting a priority. The Pacific Northwest conference is looking at census info and seeing where population shifts are occuring and then praying regarding where to plant churches. Idaho is in the fifth district and we do not have a church there YET! At one time we did, and our conference wants to plant a church in that state. Lastly but certainly not leastly, I feel the first step is gaining the support of your Annual Conference and Bishop. Let them know in a written letter or proposal of your desires. The person in my conference in charge of church growth and development is Dr. Thomas Carpenter. And we stay in touch. There are some unique challenges for rural ministry: 1.) Distance 2.)Clergy support, emotionally and financially, and for many of us in rural ministry that means having two jobs. 3.)Poverty 4.)Members may have ranching and or farming obligations that prevent them from coming to church. And I also ask that we pray for our Black farmers who are going out of business at an alarming rate every week.

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2001

hello rev, thanks for answering my call, may god's choicest blessings be upon you and the other bb buddies. perhaps i didn't clarif my statement very well. our church is presently in existance. it has been for over a century, but the delima and the challenge is to maintain it for another 100 years. yes it is in the boonies as we say down south, and the prior pastor stayed there at that church for 40+ years. practically unheard of these days. i have been looking for programs that a small congregation can launch and maintain that will be of some benefit to the church. it is crtainly a challenge but with the leading of the spirit, i am believing that god is going to lead us in the direction that he would have us to go in. you brought back memories when you mentioned the promise to go where ever. i clearly remember kissing the bible, god's holy word and taking a vow that i would go where efver the church had or have a need for my services. the bishop being the representative of the church we have to accept their Godly Judgement, w/o question. (smile) aby way i am learning a lot just from the b b and most of all to thank god for small favors. if you happen to run upon some publications concerning rural church min. please forward the names or the location of the materials avaliable. with kindest regards; pastor fields: flfields@ifriendly.com

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2001

Pastor Fields, I found a wonderful web page with lots of information, articles, and links to other rural church sites. the address is www.ruralchurch.org This site is open to all denominations. And provides information from a social economic perspective. Some of the articles were from Texas A&M and Ohio State University. So if anyone else is interested in rural ministry and rural chaplains. Please contact me or Rev. Fields and perhaps we can work on some suggestions and programs together to share with our Bishops. Joy in Christ, for he began his ministry in a rural environment;-)

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001

Rev. Rogers You are truely God sent. I haven't post here in a while but I've enjoyed reading. Ms. Taylor show us how busy the devil is and how he fills some educated people with evil spirits. Only the Lord can give the Holy spirit to the ones who truely seek him. Keep up the good work. I'm from a small town and I'm in the medical field. I am concern with the elderly rx cost in our community. I try to give out as much information and asst. to those in need of rx finacial relief. If there is any information in asst. their cost I would greatly appreciate it.

God Bless Harriet

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2001

God bless you sister Harriet for your faithful work in rural areas!! I have gotten quite a few of private emails from many who are working in rural areas where resources are limited and or hard to get to. I want to share some info with you and others doing rural ministry. I heard about this iniative and recently received the information. The program is called FAITH IN ACTION and is a $100 million initiative from the ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON FOUNDATION. This is a well tested and effective program on interfaith volunteer caregiving by creating 2000 new FAITH IN ACTION sites across America to help people with chronic illness and disability. (This is both city and rural areas)Their are five elements used in determining eligibility.1.)Interfaith, program must include a coalition of religious congregations that reflect the diversity of the community. 2.)Volunteers, 3.) Caregiving, 4.)Chronic Illness or disability 5.)Clients must reside in their homes. The deadline for applying for the grant is Oct. 2001. And $35,000 is awarded to pay for a director of program and volunteers. The Robert Wood Foundation is a private organization looking for ways to improve the lives of the underserved. For more info and to request an application go to www.rwif.org or call the toll free no. 877-FAITH11 Also in terms of prescription support, there are some things in the works in congress and I have been in contact with my congressman, and I will share info as I receive it. One last thing check out the web page www.ruralchurch.org it has some interesting links pertaining to rural medicine. Joy in Christ for he calls us to serve him.

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2001

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