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I've done it... what can I say? love me =)

I have amassed a deal of good flux stuff... enjoy <----- go there... click "demo reel" and watch it play. AWESOME.

This "montage" shows a few seconds of many many chung works... if anybody thinks they can identify them - be my guest.

They include... (unidentified ones have stars) Rally's Commercial Honda Commercial **Man jumping over a desk in some office through a crapload of wires? what is that?!?! It must be C.O.P.S.! Confirmation anyone? Levis commercial Dew commercial Hot Wheels commercial Aeon Flux clip Rugrats Pilot clip G-Police clip **Some Sci-Fi clip? It must be Phantom 2040... A person holding some illuminating object as they float in the air, hair whipping around. A confirmation from anyone? NBA/Charles Barkley/Nike Commercial Cindy Flux Pepsi Ad More Rally's/Checkers

On the same page click the bottom right square to see the newest Checker's Ad... you can tell it is newer as they employ some new animation styles. A dark-haired beautiful lead female character? Peter loves em =)

THEN on the same page over on the right click 'Peter Chung' (first name on the list) to be taken to his page, that has some images from his works, as well as a filmogrophy that tells all his commercials!

Also... to see tiny images from his works put these in your browser - they may help you figure out the commercials: change the number all the way up to

OK... you may be saying "this is great! Thanks Attrox, where do I send a check to? I feel I should pay you for this, it is so great!"

wait there is more!!!!

Go here... DO IT NOW This page is all about Peter's commercials and such, complete with clips of all checkers ads, and shots from the honda ad and the hot wheels ad. Each ad has explanation of how he did his work, a very good read.

Then there is this... An article by Chung from 1998 called "The State of Visual Narrative In Film And Comics" that I had not read until now. Good read.

More Coming!

-- Attrox (, June 30, 2001


Wow, thanks!

-- Mat Rebholz (, June 30, 2001.

The hovering person with hair flying upward, holding a glowing object is from "Loaded", a commercial Peter did for MTV. Where did you get that particular snipper? I've been looking for a copy of "Loaded" for quite awhile now, and I'd be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Also, I notice there's a still from what must be the never-aired Aeon Flux game commercial, do you have any footage of this available?

-- Mat Rebholz (, June 30, 2001.

Any of the footage I have found is contained at those addresses.

However - I'm looking for more, and if I find it (such as all the full commercials) I will be sure to post it on this board for you.

-- Attrox (, June 30, 2001.

Attrox; we'll ok I love ya. Thanks once again for the references. In reading State of the Visual Narrative once again I find I am hungry for more of this sort of insight. Peter contends an artist can use the medium to portray an array of subjects not usually tackled because of the underestimation of the audience. It's interesting that in general the films out there do not explore a large array of subjects, therefore, what does that say about their estimation of the audience...

-- Barb e. (, September 05, 2001.

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