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*Hey yo, welcome to my message board. Please keep this message board clean, and stay on topic, thanks. Even if you aren't a gymnast, all comments are welcome, thanks again, and keep the posts comin'!* With Love,

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2001


Gymnastics Sucks, lol, jk!! This board rocks dude!!! I used to be a gymnast back in the day when my cellulite didnt sausage out of my leotard!!! lol, jk


-- Anonymous, June 29, 2001

Joy u r like my 2nd best friend yrlas 2 me! Ilove it wen you taught me how 2 do the back arch flip thingie! LoL (back walk over) i like gymnastics although it is not my top #1 thing 2 do, Ilove watching u do it! Always and Forever,lylas

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001

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