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Her place is pretty Spartan, don't you think? Dressed in her "civilian" clothes, she doesn't seem that extraordinary. I don't have the H-File so I was wondering who "feeds" Aeon? I understand she isn't employed by the Monican government because there isn't any and nor is there a "secret service" of any kind. Or does she make her money working for both sides?

-- Vercingetorix (, June 28, 2001


She probably works for whoever can get in touch with her.

In "Isthmus Crypticus" Ilbren was going to give her a valise full of cash to find the seraphtrev.

-- Damian k. (, July 03, 2001.

Aeon Flux is obviously a "mercenary". (of course not)

-- Vercingetorix (, July 03, 2001.

Aeon was left a tidy inheritance by her Aunt Mildred, an eccentric frozen food heiress.

-- Peter Gaffney (, July 04, 2001.

--Good to have these mysteries cleared up!

BTW: In analyzing the Breen state and Aeon's personal philosophy regarding freedom: ("No one can make me do anything)"... I've come to believe she may feel that "Labor produces not only produces itself and the worker as a commodity"~Karl Marx. Hence: few paychecks=sparse apartment=freedom from ownership by things. (But then it's always good to have the Aunt Millie backup as well). Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicions. What scripts!

-- Barb e (, July 04, 2001.

Aunt Mildred, that was a good one. Oops, it was apparently the truth.

-- Vercingetorix (, July 04, 2001.

Ah, but Aeon seemed to turn her nose up at the idea of Una living off of frozen eelsticks...

Peter, your explanation is flawed! ;)

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 04, 2001.

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