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I borrowed this sentence from 2010 and was wondering if anyone has watched the show(Aeon Flux) while being drunk? Scientists conducted a research some years ago observing the influence on creativity by alchohol. The students were going to watch a short film and then write about it. It turned out the students who had taken a glass or two were much more colorful when they discribed what they had seen. They saw things others didn't in general. It is also known some painters were using LSD while doing their work. I haven't tried yet, watching Aeon Flux coming home from a wild party that is. It might look better still. OK everything looks better when you're drunk. Cheers!

-- Vercingetorix (, June 28, 2001


It made more sense to me when I was on LSD. That one episode with the virus that caused a sense of connectivness in everyone. That virus HAD to be Acid. :)

-- king Mob (, June 29, 2001.

The virus can't be acid because...THERE IS NO VIRUS!Trevor plainly said that,and he wouldn't lie.But yeah,that one does make more sense when you're trippin.End Sinister is downright simple with acid.

-- alex (doesn't, May 04, 2003.

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