Ten commandments for any believer of the show.

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You're on! What do you believe would make fine commandments for any fan of the show? I welcome any ideas, serious, funny or plain weird. I am hoping to read some funny ideas though.

1. Thou shall not....... 2. Thou shall not....... and so on.......

-- Vercingetorix (danijel_peek_a_boo242@hotmail.com), June 28, 2001


1- thou shalt not covet aeon, less thee be toyed with and cast aside by her.

2- try thee not to understand. simply accept and thou shalt see beyond.

3- revel in the humanity.

4- belive in art for art's sake.

5- accept fashion, style, and movement as high art.

6- know that sex commands us all.

7- know that beauty and ugliness are the same.

8- seek to simplify your reality.

9- make simple actions monumental, and monumental actions simple.

10- wear more latex.

-- whisper softly (oelectra@hotmail.com), June 29, 2001.

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