A game the best bet to resurrect our heroine?

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I think a game would be the most logical choice if Aeon Flux is to be brought back from "death". Let's face it, a live action movie seems an uncomfortable long shot. Who would invest money on such a project knowing the show had low ratings while being aired? Hell, I'd love to see an Aeon Flux movie but I doubt we'll see one for some time. New episodes? Unlikely. I saw the Aeon Flux game that was intended to be released on the PSX and all I can say after seing the screenshots is that it was indeed very wise they abandoned it. Don't know if they are currently developing a game now, do you? Some games have a great story, like Metal Gear Solid on the PSX and I wouldn't mind someone doing a Aeon Flux game with all the characteristics of the show. On a game all the things which made the series so great would be shown to a "new" audience. There must be a developer of games out there who loved AF. In the end it matters the same,whether or not anyone is a former fan or not. If it is given fine reviews it'll sell. Now, the game is just the first step. If we are lucky the next step would be a live action movie. One can hope. I shiver at the thought of seing Aeon in some fighting game of some sort, though. OK, I wouldn't mind seing her kicking Lara's butt in a demo.

-- Vercingetorix (danijel_peek_a_boo242@hotmail.com), June 28, 2001


It seems to me (this may have been some reason why the first game never took off) that Aeon Flux is just too confusing in nature to turn into a video game. I'm not sure if you heard the joke that the developers never made the first game because they wasted all of their production time trying to analyze one of the episodes and were so baffled they just quit? It seems to me that a message to be derived from Aeon Flux is not one you can capture and translate to a game. It would turn into something other then Aeon Flux, instead you would end up with a spy game w/ a big breasted star... not something we need.

Aeon Flux is really more about the elements of symbolism, hidden messages, and far out (sometimes bizarre) character, location, and plot designs. It may seem silly, but it is - to me at least - less about the literal story. For this reason, coming up with one plot to base a game on seems too hard.

-- Attrox (attrox@vampirehunter.com), June 30, 2001.

Would a plot really be necessary? If it were developed by a house like Sega who aren't afraid of creating non-traditional games (i.e Seaman, Shenmue), I think they could definitely create a game true to the series and avoid all the temptation to turn it into a Tomb Raider clone. Maybe even have a game where each stage or mission is a different show episode and and have the 'goal' mirror the goal of that particular episode. On the other hand, I'd rather see nothing with the Aeon name come out than another Doom-clone or Tomb Raider with Aeon & Trevor's faces and some repetitive voice samples.

-- Stephen (badlsdtrip@sound-test.org), June 30, 2001.

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