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Hi guys ... I was just bending over playchoice games : I had ever played 2 or 3 of them , but as I was in vacation during debate and vote on this, I wasn't aware of the rules and played all my games with default settings.

And then I saw that someone added a "special rules" link close to the screenshot box, and then I learned what I had missed.

So I don't know who it is (probably Chris or Gameboy?), but thanks and congrats to him ...

And I was wondering if you could extend the idea to other games with for example mentions like : *"playback precautions" : carnival=only playback with m33b4 ; pbobble=only playback with m34 ; mslug=only playback with sound off ...etc *"special scoring" & link to my page *"banned technique" & link to the ban page *"special settings" (games like bombjack)

etc ... if you are interested I can make a larger list


Ps : does somebody know the exact sense of the fractions 300/3900 or 150/3900 in playchoice dipswitchs ?

-- Phil (plamat@club-internet.fr), June 27, 2001


Forget about my PS : Barry just explained me on the chat ... coin A & coin B ; so to play playchoice, I had to set dip to 1unit=4s & 300/3900 and to play I just have to press 6 instead of 5 to get 3900s in 1 credit : right ?

-- phil (plamat@club-internet.fr), June 27, 2001.

Hi Phil

I also think that the Special Rules link is an excellent idea.

About Carnival, I've never been able to playback this game using 33b4. I don't know why, but hey, that doesn't matter because I've just found out that both the Upright and the Cocktail version playbacks fine using 37b15 :-)

I guess there's 100 points to be collected by you Phil on the Cocktail version :-)


-- Frankie (frankie@image.dk), June 28, 2001.

Phil, I think you should find that when you're logged in to MARP you will see a link in the top frame to 'edit rules', as will all the editors. I tried to email you about this, but the email bounced back to me.


-- Chris Moore (chris.moore@mail.com), July 01, 2001.

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