A Wide Angle Lens To Compliment My Schneider 210 APO

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Looking for a wide angle to compliment my Schneider 210 Apo, hopefully in the 5-600 hundred dollar range. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thnaks-Albert

-- Albert Martinez (martinez@unitekmiyachi.com), June 27, 2001


I like a moderate WA lens. Specifically, I have the 121mm SA single-coated lens, which can be found in the 5-600 dollar price range. (e.g. see EBay.)

-- neil poulsen (neil.fg@att.net), June 28, 2001.


I would vote for a 90mm wide angle, but many prefer both wider (75mm) and more moderate lenses. Alot depends on what you plan to shoot and what you have shot in the past. It might help to review any previous work, especially in medium format or 35mm.

I use a Schneider Super Angulon but I'm sure a Nikor, Fujinon, or Rodenstock would be equally suitable. There are quite a few SA's on the used market and I think you can find a decent one in a Copal shutter for around $500-600. If you need to spend less, look for a SA mounted in a Syncho Compur. Your price will also vary depending on the maximum aperture. Used SA's can be found in both f5.6 and f.8. The 5.6 is more expensive but easier to view in the field. I have an f.8 and every time I look through the groundglass I wish I had a 5.6! Hope this helps.


-- Dave Willison (dwillisart@aol.com), June 28, 2001.

The Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90mm f/6.8 is a nice lens, and I can recommend it from experience. It's just that little bit brighter than an f/8, but still reasonably priced.
BTW, since a lens can't speak, I don't know how it will compliment your Schneider 210 Apo, but it might complement it nicely. ;^)

-- Pete Andrews (p.l.andrews@bham.ac.uk), June 28, 2001.

Albert, I would second the recommendation to go with a 90mm given your 210 Schneider already in your arsenal. I made the decision to go with a 75mm Rodenstock Grandagon-N, which I am finding is actually far wider than I really "see" for most of my photographs. There is a big difference between the 90mm and the 75mm on 4X5 when it comes to picture taking in the field. I love the 75mm for some applications, but am considering getting a 90mm for "general" wide angle usage, but keep the superb 75mm for those noticeably "wider" shots. Of course, your end usage and what you are trying to achieve is always the most important factor. Those 15mm's make a huge difference!

-- greg jones (greg_jones@mk.com), June 28, 2001.

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