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I have an old MacBeth densitometer made for Simmon Omega called a Super Megatron II. MacBeth service does not have any information on this machine it is so old. Is there a shop who can service and calibrate this machine? It is analog using a null meter similar to the Beseler PM series color analysers. It has similar filter wheels for red, cyan, and magenta plus a neutral density wheel.

-- dennis schmidt (, June 27, 2001



I had the name/number of a gentleman that used to work for Macbeth and does calibrations/repairs from his home. He lives in NY state and I'll try and locate the contact info for him. I believe I found him by searching on the WEB.


-- Petet Caluori (, June 27, 2001.

If I were you I would look on Ebay or other sources for a newer denisitometer. The cost of fixing it (you do not mention what is wrong) would go a long way towards the purchase of a new/used one. I was factory trained by MacBeth, but no longer do repairs, besides the Super Megatron was before my time. I do have a couple of working and non-woking (all are minor repairs - parts are readly available) digatal display densitometers I will sell. There are a few density only (no color) densitometers that sell for $100 - $150, new. Shipping to and from a repair place will cost a minamun of $50.

-- Donald Degen (, June 30, 2001.

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