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Who is the real researcher of Birth order, i can't find anything on who first researched it and i need to know about the history and stuff, i need information as quick as possible, thanks.


-- Rebecca Littlefield (, June 27, 2001


Adler...I am not sure if you are still interested in this topic. When researching birth order, Adler is often referred to as the pioneer on birth order. Sulloway makes many references to Darwin, too. Obviously people like Sulloway, Leman, Richarson, Zajonc, Steelman, Rodgers, etc. etc., all have contributed to the discussion on birth order, but most of them are too busy fighting over who has the better method!. But the first theories can be attributed to Adler. Sulloway had made reference to being surprised Freud did not get his meat hook's more involved. Hope this helps!

-- Aimee (, November 14, 2001.

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