On a lighter note, isn't this summer the 10th Anniversary of Aeon Flux's first appearance?

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I think it was the summer of 1991 when Liquid Television first went on the air on MTV.
VictorV - http://www.aeonflux.org/

-- VictorV (see@website.url), June 27, 2001


Using the right studio would make Aeon a 21st Century Fox!!!

-- Barb e (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), June 28, 2001.

Amazing... watching it, it doesn't seem at all dated to me (which I gather was somewhat the intention - designed for multiple viewings and all). The simple fact that we're here talking about it is a testament to the series' ability to survive. Regardless of whether new episodes or a movie will ever appear, I think what's already in existence will continue to be examined for quite a while.

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@earthlink.net), June 27, 2001.

10 years, yes it sure is. Hard to believe though. I first saw Aeon Flux on the 7'th of December 1995 (11:30) and it was The Purge. 13 weeks later they took her of the air. I didn't know she actually appeared as early as 1991 until some time ago. I envy all you who saw her in 1991. At least you had something to look forward to back then.

-- Vercingetorix (danijel_peek_a_boo242@hotmail.com), June 27, 2001.

Aeon Flux = a 21st century show!

-- Inukko (nadisrec@worldnet.att.net), June 28, 2001.

21st Century Flux?

-- Inukko (nadisrec@worldnet.att.net), June 29, 2001.

If I only had a drum set right now.

-- Wasan Syananondh (mrondine@hotmail.com), June 30, 2001.

Indeed it is. A decade of Aeon Flux. I think think a tenth- anniversary edition collection of all the episodes on DVD, with a few supplements about behinds the scenes, series bible, ect, would be in order. (Alas, according to Top Secret information I have, that's probably not going to happen.)

Oh, and Starscream, you're doing a fine job. I will now assume my "Ghost in the machine" Unicron voice (because my imitation of Orson Welles' Unicron totally sucks) "NOW...DO MY BIDDING! COMPLETE THE CONNECTION!"

-- ChaosKnight (chaosknight@charter.net), June 30, 2001.

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