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I have a Lifelike N scale SW9 and am a newcomer. Any advice about installing a decoder? How do I separate the shell? Any specific decoder that fits the limited space?

-- Antonio LLona (, June 26, 2001


Dear Antonio,

I can only comment on decoder selection. Both Digitrax and Lenz make N-Scale Products that will fit this locomotive. Digitrax has the DZ121, MRSP $44.95. Lenz makes the LE077XF, MRSP $24.99 and 010XF, MRSP $49.95. The smallest is the 010XF. In my opinion the choice boils down to what you want to spend dollar wise and the features, back EMF, 128 speed steps, advanced consisting, four digit addressing, operations mode programming and functions.

The DZ121 has everything but advanced consisting and ops mode programming. The LE077XF has everything except Back EMF. And the 010XF has all features. You will have to check with a dealer as to the functions.

In conclusion, you may want to refer to Model Railroading Magazine. Larry Puckett has done several articles on decoder installations in various locos and he may have covered the LL SW. Good Luck.

-- David F. Butts (, July 09, 2001.

Antonio, Digitrax has a decoder installation guide for a number of locos. Here is their web page for the Lifelike SW9-1200:

I have one also but have not yet installed the decoder. Good Luck!

-- Jeff Escott (, August 01, 2001.

This response might be a little late but here goes. If you have a way to mill out the frame on the SW9, follow the Digitrax link to installing their decoder (DZ121) and it works just fine. I did several and use them in my yards...not on the mainline so all the advanxed features are not a concern. Hope this helps even if it is a late answer.

-- Mike Mogensen (, March 05, 2002.

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