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Hi folks, Nothing to do with darkcloths this time - I was overwhelmed with requests for the DIY pattern.

I am having difficulty fixing gradient filters on my Linhof Technika. The Cokin grey grad filter fouls the rails thus compromising how far down I can fix it. Are there smaller versions?



-- Clive Kenyon (, June 26, 2001


Try turning your camera on it's side. Hey, I'm being serious!

Cokin makes a nice inexpensive holder (the P) but if you notice weird coloration in the filtered area you might want to switch to the Hitech or Singh Ray filters made to fit the Cokin P holder. There is a reason why Cokin doesn't call their "grey graduated" filter a graduated neutral density filter

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, June 26, 2001.

I was told by an industry rep that Cokin can't call the grey filters they sell neuteral density, as they have colour to them, and are not accuate enough to be used as an ND. Could be true, could be apocraphal, who knows.


-- Eric Boutilier-Brown (, June 26, 2001.

Eric, it is true! Try shooting some chromes and you will see the color cast.

-- Scott Walton (, June 27, 2001.

I use the Cokin P holder with Singh-Ray graduated neutral density filters. I have the 2 hard, 2 soft, 3 hard, 3 soft and 5 soft. I use them extensively on 35mm and somewhat less on 4 X 5, but always with the same holder. The trick is to cut and file off the outer two slots so that wide lenses can use the P holder.

The Singh-Ray filters are not completely neutral. I've measured them with a Gossen Color Pro IIIf meter and also shot test chromes. They all have some degree of magenta shift. The shift is more pronounced on Velvia, which seems to have its own magenta issues when underexposed, and less pronounced on Astia.

Another *very* knowledgable photographer I've talked to has told me that the Singh-Ray filters are about as neutral as you can find, though I cannot state that from personal experience.

-- lloyd chambers (, June 27, 2001.

Thanks for the advice.

I can't turn the 'baby' Linhof on its side without losing the front movements so I am going to take a hacksaw to the Cokin.....


-- Clive Kenyon (, June 30, 2001.

You might want to use a hot wire knife like they use for cutting plexiglass instead of a hacksaw.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, July 01, 2001.

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