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I have found a book series of books by E. A. Poe dating back to 1904. They are in optimal condition and I wanted to know if these works carried any significant value.

The series is called Commenmorative Edition, The Works of Edgar Allan Poe (in ten valoume), printed in 1904 by Funk and Wagnalls Company.

If you could respond to this email as soon as possible. The alternative would be to restore the books and keep them as a collection, however, if they carry any monetary value, I'd like to pursue those avenues as well.

Thanks in advance for time and consideration.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2001


The ubiqutious 10-volume editions (other than that edited by Woodberry and Stedman) are generally not valuable. Most sell for under $100. Lots and lots of these appear on Ebay. Many of them never sell at all.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2001

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