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i read a review in zdnet/techtv site that 5.5 will burn vcd that will play audio on cd player, vcd in dvd, and i was hoping for data in computer..................i want the world and i want it now

-- (, June 26, 2001


I can tell you that nero can burn a vcd that will play in a panasonic rv31 dvd player using cheap pny disks. I took a bunch of photos and edited them using videowave 4 to an mpeg file then did a vcd burn using nero. The disk played but I am unhappy with the poor quality of the picture on the tv. This was my first successful attempt and I am still trying to get a better resolution on the tv.

-- (, June 28, 2001.

hi i want dat to mpeg conveter pelese give thanks

-- shamsudden (, July 04, 2001.

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