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Pre-Natal from Nutri (now sold as one product) is testing allergic now. Consider alternative from Health Interlink perhaps. Has anyone else got suggestions for alternatives.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2001


I use Basic Prenatal (thorne) from Health Interlink, one formula for the whole three terms. Then I do my own postnatal mix according to needs, ie breast-feeding, exercise, activity, etc On another score, I have been finding Paragard testong allergic more and more, and not connected with the issue of eliminating parasites against keeping them as an auto-immune disease-curbing strategy, but in cases of tapeworm and other parasites that are obviously not beneficial (ie with symptoms of fatigue, weight-loss, disproportionate appetite and food intake with no weight-gain, severe IBS symptoms, cyclical fevers and malaise), while substituting it with AP Formula from Pure Encapsulations (available through Tracy Gates's company, Pure Bio, 01403 730342) works very well, with no abreactions to date, especially when combined with cloves, which may test independetly or covert the AP formula. And the parasite clears! Visibly, I am told by my patients, who end up very excited and horrified at the same time.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001

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