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Does anyone have any impressions about developing Agfapan 100 & 400 in Xtol? I'm interested in films developed both in straight solution and at a 1:1 dilution.

Thanks, Roger

-- Roger Gerbig (, June 26, 2001


Greetings Roger,

I see no one responded to your inquiry. I've used APX 100 a bit over the past two years and can only give you some general impressions. My favorite film in conventional developers is Delta 100. I've use Agfa in Xtol full strength and Rodinal 1:50. Both produced nice negs, with good gradation, but the Rodinal yielded higher acutance and of course, more noticable grain. Delta 100 yields less grain with acutance that's on par with APX. I don't shoot resolution test targets, so this is purely subjective.


-- Pete Caluori (, June 29, 2001.

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