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Could you please tell me where I could purchase a vcd mpeg module so that I can convert my home cd player to play vcd's and maybee mp3. I know that the modules come from somewhare in asia, but YOU try and find someone on the Internet that sells or at least has reference to such a product. There are many versions of this product.EG: playstation vcd module.please note that this module is basicly a small pc board that connects to the output RF of most cd players thus giving you vcd audio and video. Please HELP Regards Trev.

-- trev (, June 25, 2001


Saya punya home cd player dan mau diconvert vcd's/mp3 player. cd player merk. phillips FW C85. ada digital outputnya untuk di connect ke mpeg. Berapa harga mpeg tsb.? dan dijamin berhasil?

-- Ismet (, January 31, 2003.

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