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Does anyone have experience with the Domke F-805 Courier Satchel bag? I intend to load it with Toyo vx125 plus 2/3 lenses and usual vital accessory. Or any other recommendation are very much welcome.

Thank you.

-- mario a. (, June 25, 2001


I have the Double AF for my Tech III but I don't know about the satchel.

-- Scott Walton (, June 25, 2001.

I don't think the bag will be large enough to contain all the equipment that you wish to place into it. George deWolfe commented on its use in the current View Camera, but he was not using it to carry the camera. The camera he was carrying on his tripod with the dark cloth wrapped about it for protection. So he was using the Domke for accessories. While it is big-15Lx6.5Wx12D, it is not appreciably larger than the original Domke, and I cannot put my Wisner 4x5 and even a short list of stuff into that . For accessories only-lenses, meter, readyloads, filters, it works well enough. Bob

-- Bob Moulton (, June 25, 2001.

I had one. It was always an adventure to load. I had a Linhof Technica V and 4 lenses. First all the bag is what it is a bag that's all. If yo want to protect your lenses/camera you need something: tupperware, wraps, pouches or dividers. All these take up space. The front pockets were great for film holders and a box of film. I also had a 405 Polaroid holder shoved in one of them. I guess the thing that I didn,t like was digging for things. Maybe check out the medium sized backpacks from lowepro or tamrac before you settle on the domke. IMHO they are easier to work out of and are all inclusive where you do not have to buy and/or find extra stuff to do the job a bag is supposed to do.

-- john (, June 25, 2001.

I used one with my Wista DX II, and it works OK with one or at most two lenses, plus the minimum of the usual accessories that we need. I wanted something that was light weight and more convenient to work out of than a backpack, and on that basis it's all right. But it's not the most convenient thing in the world, since it's not well compartmented, plus space is really limited, so if you're not traveling very light, forget it. If you are, it should be fine.

-- Dick Deimel (, June 26, 2001.

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