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We just dropped off two of our boys today for camp next week (June 24-29th) and got home and realized that I had lost the information on how to send mail to them. Can you e-mail me that information? I'd like to get some mail off to them ASAP. Thanks!


-- Triscia Hochstatter (, June 24, 2001


Hey! OK, I know your boys are home from camp, but just an FYI for next summer. To send mail to campers at camp, all you have to do is put their name, then councelor and cabin, then Lutherhaven's address. So it'll look like this:

Camper Name Counclor/Cabin Lutherhaven Address

Their councelor will pick up the mail and give it to them at camp. Hope you got some mail to them!


-- Sarah (, July 04, 2001.

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