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Bishop Robert V. Webster, Resident Bishop of the 3rd Episcopal District (Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania), a native of Arkansas who was elected an AME Bishop in 1992 while serving as Pastor of St.Stephen AME Church in Jacksonville, FL is the new Chairman of the Commission of Finance and Statistics of the General Board. Bishop Webster has served the 17th Episcopal District (Central Africa), the 16th Episcopal District (South America/Caribbean/Europe), and currently the 3rd Episcopal District.

Also, Bishop T. Larry Kirkland, a resident of Los Angeles, CA and Ecumenical Officer, due to seniority of election as Bishop is the new President of the Bishops Council and will occupy that office until June, 2002. Bishop Kirkland was born in Alabama but began his ministerial career in Mississippi as a teenager. He was a renowned football player for Alcorn A & M University in Alcorn, MS and received his seminary training from Perkins School of Theology (SMU) where he received his Doctorate of Ministry Degree. He pastored congregations in Southwest Mississipi; Kentwood, LA; and Turner Chapel AME Church in Greenwood, MS before transferring to the 5th Episcopal District as the founding pastor of Brookins Community AME Church in Los Angeles where the membership increased from 0 to more than 7,000 and more than 5 million dollars worth of property was purchased. Bishop Kirkland was elected a Bishop in 1996 and was assigned to the 17th Episcopal District and as Ecumenical Officer in 2000. He is known throughout the world as a gifted singer and preacher. His wife, Mary, is a native of Starkville, MS. His inauguration banquet in Los Angeles this past week was attended by the Mayor and his wife of Los Angeles, the Governors wife of California, and many Beverly Hills/Hollywood celebrities, as well as representatives from the civic, political, religious sectors of Los Angeles.

In addition, Bishop A. J. Richardson, by seniority of election, became Secretary of the Council of Bishops and Bishop Richard F. Norris became Assistant Secretary of the Council of Bishops.

We wish all our newly-elected leaders well and pray for their success!

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2001

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