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can you mail film safely back from europe.

-- lee nadel (, June 23, 2001


Dear Lee, I have posted film back to South Africa from all over the World and have always received my film. Some times late but I eventually received them. Some times the parcels have obviously been opened. I have even send film from some remote places in Africa. The Golden Rule never put all your eggs in one basket and that goes for developing as well. I use THREE parcels each posted from different Post Offices. Films 1,4,7,10, etc in No: one parcel post or for developing. Films 2,5,8,11, etc in No: two parcel post or for developing. Films 3,6,9,12, etc in No: three parcel post or for developing. In 1978 I did a 6 months trip filming underwater with 3 different cameras and 322 films all came back from developing totally black. After a big fight they replaced the film but I lost some rare shots of Ragged Toothed Sharks. I know it was not my fault and that taught me a big lesson. I never send in more than 10 films at a time for developing and I always use the system above. Good Luck, Best Regards, Snowy Smith.

-- Snowy Smith (, June 24, 2001.

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