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As many of you are aware, prior to and during WWII, many US corporations supplied Hitler with his oil (ala Standard Oil), rubber, copper, chemicals and even essentials for weapon making. While our boys were dying, Standard and the gang was profiting on their blood. In fact, as in Vietnam and the Gulf War many of our troops were killed or wounded with weapons which would not have been in existence if it were not for American Corporations. At one point back in WWII, when a Standard executive was challenged by a Congressman on the treasonous undertakings of Standath supplying the German's with crucial oil products via their refineries in South America....I believe the response was somehting like, "Don't worry, we'll sell YOU guys enough to win." This is very well documented fact.

Now, check out what Cheney's been doing....and no doubt Bush too. What a stench.

-- Meg Davis (, June 23, 2001


Ever get the feeling that this is the summer of 2001 again?

-- Marcel Theodore Van Massenhoven (, June 24, 2001.

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