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I know this isn't exactly a "VCD" question but it relates to and affects the hardware with witch I watch VCDs. I have a Pioneer DV-434 DVD plater which also plays (S)VCDs. My television, a Sony Trinitron made in 1984, only has an F type input. I bought a RF Modulator from Radioshack which works fine most of the time, but when there is alot of bright colors on the screen, mainly white, the picture jumps. There is a Video impedance switch on the modulator which switches from 75ohms to 1Kohms. Switching to 1Kohms reduces the problem but does not eliminate it totally and it reduces picture quality greatly. I know the problem is not my TV because my Playstation does not have this problem when using the RF switch made for the Playstation, but when I run the Playstation throught the radioshack RF Modulator the problem occurs. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice.

-- Justin Hicks (, June 23, 2001


Cheap (?) TV RF modulators typically have this problem where they can't clamp white peaks (>0.7v) fast enough to prevent overmodulation so the picture tears or jumps. If you can figure out the audio/video inputs of the Playstation modulator, why not try that?

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, June 23, 2001.

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