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Can you imagine if some country "inadvertently" wiped out the Chicago Bears or the Dallas Cowboys?

From the Bahrain News:

Iraq vows to hit back at US, UK

BAGHDAD: Iraq warned yesterday that Tuesday’s reported American-British airstrike on a soccer field “will not go unpunished,” the official Iraqi News Agency reported. The newspaper of Iraq’s ruling Baath party, Al Thawra, accused the UN Security Council of “turning a blind eye to US and British aggression because it is dominated by the United States.” Al Thawra said in an editorial that, “this new aggression is more proof of America’s political and moral bankruptcy.” Al Thawra said that “this new horrific crime shows that the Security Council does nothing against the US and British aggressions”. US and British defence officials on Wednesday placed blame for 23 Iraqi football field fatalities and 11 injured people on a possible misguided rocket fired by Iraqi defence installations against US and British warplanes. But Iraq’s ministry of information blamed U.S. and British planes for Tuesday’s bombing of the football field while a game was in session in the Talakr district near Mosul, 480km northwest of Baghdad. “The US, Britain and other countries hold legal and moral responsibility for the continuous aggressions, but other nations that keep silence are also responsible,” Al Thawra said. The official Iraqi News Agency quoted the Iraqi ambassador to the UN, Mohammed Al Douri, as warning that the US and Britain “will be punished” for the air strikes. He did not elaborate. Iraqi television on Wednesday showed a sandy field with broken goals and other equipment on the field. The report said one of the 20 British and US planes that left Turkey on Tuesday for patrols had dropped the bomb. The footage also showed wounded children with limbs in casts and bruised faces lying in hospital beds and pictures of the funeral of the victims. U.S. and British defence officials denied the charges. They confirmed that their planes flew missions over the northern no-fly zone on Tuesday and Wednesday, and said Iraqi planes and defence installations fired on them with surface-to-air missiles and munitions. Defence officials in Britain and US said they assumed that if anything fell on the football field, it must have been from a misguided Iraqi surface-to-air rocket fired on a US control plane over the northern no-fly zone. Iraq as a “crime” the deaths of 23 Iraqis. “It’s another crime to add to those committed by the United States and Britain against the Iraqi people over the last 11 years,” Naji Sabri, Iraq’s minister of state for foreign affairs, said. Al Thawra also condemned the incident as a “crime ... one of the attacks launched by US and British planes under the pretext of enforcing the no-fly zones in the north and south of Iraq. – Agencies

-- Meg Davis (, June 23, 2001

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