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Did you know there's a racecar driver with the name Ian Flux? When Aeon Flux was on MTV I watched a race on TV, though not being to interested. All of the sudden I heard "Ian Flux takes the lead", though to me it sounded like "Aeon Flux takes the lead". My initial reaction was WHAT!!??? This very Ian Flux won the race and when the results came up I found out that I wasn't that obsessed by AF since this guys surname was actually Flux. I didn't know there were persons with this surname. Ian Flux raced TVR:s with great success and I also remember him racing the famous McLaren F1 roadcar, which actually is faster than Aeon Flux's quad-racer, which appeared in Thanatophobia. I have compared the facts for both of the cars. Nice reading Aeon's car was originally meant to be a pure racecar. Hmmmm. Have you ever encountered other persons with the Flux surname? I doubt there's a real Aeon Flux out there.

-- Vercingetorix (, June 21, 2001


Always wondered about that one. So, does Ian like Aeon?

-- Barb e. (, September 22, 2003.

- there might not be anyone out there actually named Aeon Flux - but the fact that there is an Ian Flux out there is pretty darn amazing!

-- pixi (, June 26, 2001.

Well we could write to Ian and suggest he should name a daughter of his Aeon. Just kidding. By the way I checked in the genealogy centre for a Aeon Flux but as expected there is nobody with that name. I was amazed to find about 50 persons with this surname. But it must be pretty unusual.

-- Vercingetorix (, June 26, 2001.

Ian Flux is in fact my father-in-law's nephew. He is well known amongst the racing world and famously crashed Tiff Needel's TVR Tuscan some while back. he was also Tiff's best man. The racing 'thing' is in the family line - my father in law raced MG Twin Cams in the 50's and one branch of the family still races Porsche 911's. The name originates from the Isle of Wight. So there you are ...!

-- Mark Williams (, September 16, 2003.

Wow... what a small world we live in eh? I don't know, this stuff always get's to me, I mean, what are the chances of all the things talked about in this thread relating to one another?! So strange... Oh jeez i am tired.

-- Max W (, September 27, 2003.

I too know Ian Flux - a great driver by any standards. I've had the pleasure of driving him and he me around Donington in a 911. Infact if anybody knows how to reach him, it would be great to catch up.... I'm still looking for the sponsorhsip money to race in the Porsche Supercup following his advice to compete in the series, if only the lottery could be rigged!....

-- Matthew (, July 09, 2004.

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