Why do brothers and sisters become aggresive?

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I thank God for this NET and Rev. Fischer. This is truly an opportunity where we can learn from each other. However, it would seem as if, and I have watch this closely, our brothers and sisters in the continental USA wish sweep down any issue raised by our African brothers and sisters. It is like thay are killing an insect with a ten pound hamer. My question, why is it so disturbing to you to hear the experiences that we are raising over this media. We are not raising these issues to disgrace the church, or individuals. However, we are doing this to show to you what is really happening, so that you may also help us in our quest to instill rigtheousness, transparency and accountability. But if what Africa proclaims to be her experience, and mind you, we are the ones that are going through those hardships, relate our own experience people in the states ar triggered and just want to kill the issue, diverting the crux of the matter, change the debate to suit individual interest, dilute the subject mattter and the bone of contention is long forgotten.

Please my brothers and sisters let us try to resolve the issues, let us not box each other, but seek ways to come up with solutions as I regard this forum as an AME think tank and I value some of the contributions as one learns a lot from them.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2001


I agree. One can disagree without becoming disagreeable.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2001

Thank you Rev. Biwa. The AME Today is a God-given tool to exchange information. We are compassionate about the AME Church, but may the good Lord help us to be civilian and more caring in exchanges. Let us continue to feed the AME Today with information of events happening in the 15th Episcopal District.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2001

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