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I've just received some Hungarian sheet film (Forte I think). The film is NP 27 (ISO 400) and is marketed under the name Classis-Pan 400.

The problem is that I cannot get anywhere near printable contrast. The negs and prints look murky as hell. I am using PMK Pyro and have extended the development to as much as N+2 without great success. I have rated the film with generous exposure from 200 to 320.

The Pyro isn;t the problem as I developed some Ilford HP4 Plus at the same time and it came out beautifully. I want to use this film for 8X20 contacts and am using the same film in 5X7 to work out these problems.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


-- David Flockhart (, June 19, 2001


Sounds like you might have some serious heat fogging. Since the FP4 works well, get rid of the garbage, stick with what works. Pat

-- pat krentz (, June 20, 2001.

The next logical thing to try is to lessen exposure and fiddle with the pyro ie. if you're mixing the standard 5/10/500 try 10/20/400 and knock the heck out of the film to see what it'll do. Most of the ABC+ type formulas have almost the same ingredients but add/subtract to give more kick which you can do by fiddling a little bit with what you've got. Good luck. Post results. For me it's best to start with great big changes so I can see a definite change and then throttle back.

-- Jim Galli (, June 20, 2001.


This won’t solve your problem but fyi I think the film you have is Orwo. The NP 27 designation indicated their 400 speed film when I used to buy it from Freestyle a few years ago.

If it is indeed Orwo the post about sticking with Ilford Fp4 is probably good advice. We used Orwo in a photo program where I teach but the lack of consistant speed and uneven imulsion coating made it a poor choice. We switched our students to Arista and have never regreted it. Ilford quality at very reasonable prices make Arista a good choice if you are on a bu

-- Joseph A. Dickerson (, June 20, 2001.

Thanks for your input. It appears I have bought a pig in a polk. Before buying the film I checked with a few people who had used it and were happy with it. I bought the 8X20 camera from the guy who owns Lotus View Camera and he also recommended it. They are to be in touch with the factory (B&G) so we'll see what happens. Being in Australia doesn't help make this a logistical dream.

Cheers, David

-- David Flockhart (, June 21, 2001.

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