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Hi guys.

I have added a new feature to the script. The database now has an extra column which holds HTML descriptions of any special rules for each game. It can be used to draw attention to special scoring systems for the likes of football games, or perhaps to hold TG settings if we want to do that. Currently no game has any 'special rules' apart from 'ftsoccer'. Find an 'ftsoccer' recording and you'll see there's a link to 'special rules' (I'm not sure where the link should be - it's currently in the 2nd column).

Clicking the 'special rules' link will show you the rule in question. If you're an editor, you'll see 'edit rule' after the rule itself which will allow you to modify it.

When you are logged in as an editor you will also see an 'edit rules' link in the top frame, which allows you to create new rules.

Phil Lamat suggested/requested this feature a couple of weeks ago. The feature treats him as an editor just as far as rules are concerned.

I will add logging, in a similar manner to the 'confirmation' logging, so we can see who is changing what, but that's not done for the time being. Currently each rule just shows who modified it last, and when.


-- Anonymous, June 19, 2001


This is a great info link. The best place to put it in the search results too (2nd collumn.) How do games get "added" to be treated with special rules links? In the edit rules there's only a link to change the rules for that game which is already a special rule game.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2001

Pay attention at the back. :o)

"When you are logged in as an editor you will also see an 'edit rules' link in the top frame, which allows you to create new rules"

However, I will (at some point in the future) make the 'edit rule' link offer the chance to specify a new game name too).


-- Anonymous, June 20, 2001

yeah just yell RTFM! thanks.

also on the editing logs, be mindfull of making the logs so maybe we can "tell" if someone modified an editors change. (It would be ideal to have an editors text box and a users text box, so that a user could not edit the editors message to sort of erase the dq or scoring deduction and message) but if you can't have that make sure the logs will have some sort of context where it would be easy to write a script to go through the logs to see that ....editor 1 modified description A to B, user modified description B to A....

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2001

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