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What did you think of the reunion? Did you enjoy seeing old friends, wish that there had been more old friends to see? Should we do it again next year? What can be changed to make it better, or can it not get any better?

You don't have to talk about only what you thought about the reunion, you can talk about what it was like seeing old friends, or going back to the school. You can talk about about anything having to do with the reunion--from the people, to the food, to the music.

Thanks, Sally.

-- Sally. (, June 19, 2001


The reunion was well atended and everyone seemed to have a great time. Monsignor Peterson wants even more people next year. It was really nice to be at the church and school and visit old friends of my parents and me. I even got to visit with relatives.

-- Cecile Marie Sally Mcsherry Hess (, July 02, 2001.

Had a great time at the reunion. Hope to see an even bigger one next year! If you didn't make it, you missed it!

-- Danny Kennedy (, July 01, 2001.

I'm sorry I could not attend the reunion. I live in Arizona, and could not get there. Good news however, I'm moving to Modesto California, next January, so I can attend next year. I will be priud to share memories of Mnsr. Dowling who was my Great Uncle.

-- Jack Spencer. (, July 02, 2001.

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