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This is a forum where you can share your memories of St. Therese. If the forum becomes unmanageable, we'll break it up somehow. Most likely by year. Until then, though, please feel free to talk about the memories you have.

Thanks, Sally.

-- Sally. (, June 19, 2001


The class of 1958 had a 40th reunion in 1998. That is a wonderful memory.

-- Cecile Marie Sally Mcsherry Hess (, July 02, 2001.

Mnsr. James Dowling was my Grandfathers Brother. I remember going to visit him at the St. Thereses rectory, when I was a small child in the sixties. Everyone called him Monsignoir, but to me, he was just Uncle Jim. I am now, a minister also. I hope he is proud of me.

-- Jack Spencer (, July 02, 2001.

I remember morning assembly, sliding down the banister outside the first grade classroom, playing in the kindergarten play area where the church now stands, the building and dedication of the new church in 1957, going to confession and receiving my first communion in the old church, being an altar boy, studying and making models of the missions in Mrs Terry's fourth grade class, singing in 5th grade, the spring dance festival.

-- Richard McGee (, July 04, 2001.

I recognize some names:Richard, Tim, John, Sally. Does anyone remember me? I am Monsignor "Uncle Jim" Dowling's niece. I remember Sr. Ann Dolores in Kindergarten, building a playhouse, shaking the cream to turn it into butter, the May Day procession, representing Ireland in the downtown Christmas parade, learning to read from Sr. Geraldine Mary and getting in BIG trouble from Sr. Mary Benedict because I played on the monkey bars after the bell rang.I especially loved going to the rectory after school to see Hannah for ice cream. I also remember 4th grade with Mrs. Terry. I reconnected with her when my family returned to California from Ireland in 1958. She passed away (in her 90's) just a few years ago.

-- Gail Marcella Dowling Goettelmann (, July 05, 2001.

Father Negro...Monsignor Dowling..but most of all Father Cleary out playing basketball with us and being one of the guys. Being an alter boy..serving Mass in Latin and not knowing what the words meant..serving the first Mass in the new church with Mike McCormick. The fear of entering the 5th grade and facing Sister Mary George. My friends, Gary McKeighan,Mike Crookham, Tim Bone,Dave Laubacher, Mike McCorcick, F.J. Suligian, Suzanne Snead, the Matheison twins and Carmalita so quiet and so smart. Salt and pepper cords with a blue shirt...every day...L.G. the maintinance man..learning religon by the fear method...pagan babies..walking, with the entire student body, to the Tower Theater.

-- Terence (Terry) Miller (, July 20, 2001.

Serving mass in the old church, then learning folk dancing in the same building after the new church was completed. Graham crackers and milk in the cafeteria; building the house in kindergarten. Frank Rackley's chubby cheeks - he sat next to me at nap time. George Silva accidentally hitting Tom Timmings in the forehead with a baseball bat - blood and stitches. Hitting home runs at the auxiliary playground on Maroa. Riding in the back of Mr. Fiese's pickup to Einstein playground. Mr. Fiese's boxing classes; everyone avoided Bobby Ciancetti. The candy store during recess. Traffic guards with white halter belts and yellow hats. The bike rodeo - - -

-- Tim Renna (, December 04, 2001.

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