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I just got the new 19mm Elmarit-R ROM lens for my R8. I have a question.

Can someone please describe to me exactly what each of the built in filters does? They are:-

1) YG - I have no idea what this is for.

2) Or - Is this for black and white to darken the sky? Or is it a 85A or 81EF or something like that?

3) KR12 - I think this is a 80B to convert 5500K daylight film to 3200K tungsten light, right?

Finally, my favorite filter is a warming filter like a 81A or 81B. Is there a way to use one of these with my lens?


-- Mike Foster (, June 19, 2001


According to the Leica instruction booklet for this lens:

"The filter for normal use is marked NDx1. This colourless neutral- density filter does not affect the exposure setting. The blue KB12 conversion filter is for exposures in artificial light on daylight colour-reversal film. For B&W photography, you can swivel a yellow- green (YG) or orange filter (Or) into place to correct colour values or increase contrast."

-- Ken Bodnar (, June 19, 2001.


I think you may have a difficulty putting a filter on this lens unless it takes a filter on the end inside the camera. There will be vignetting issues even if you could fit one on the normal end. In an emergency you could use a gelatin-type filter in a filter holder over the lens.

-- Robin Smith (, June 19, 2001.

I have heard talk that you can have filters of your choice custom- fitted to the turret, but I don't remember how or where or how much $$ it costs. One reason I passed on this very fine lens is the inability to mount a UV filter up front or to use split grads. I shoot outdoors in all kinds of blowing grit and gunk and I need the option of a cover-up, and split-grads are indispensible for landscapes.

-- Jay (, June 19, 2001.

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