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Hi all

I'm contemplating the purchase of the Super Symmar XL 80mm/4.5. I've been unable to find any user reports on this lens in the archives except first impressions from two users, Mike Kravit & Bill Stone in April 2001. Do you guys have anything more to report? Can anyone else comment on using this lens?

Would anyone like to comment on whether this would be a good compliment to the SS XL110mm or would I be better to perhaps look at one of the 75mm's on the market. I want a fast aperture and I am not worried about weight, price or large size filters. I'll be using it primarly for landscapes.

Thanks in advance Peter

-- Peter Brown (, June 18, 2001


If one of the 80 users responds, can you put any direct comparisons you might have done between the 80 and the 72 SA-XL?

-- Dan Smith (, June 18, 2001.

Peter, look at the MTF data from Schneider. It is the same data they use to judge their lenses by. It is sobering to compare this data against the much hyped response to the new optics. You'd be surprised.

-- Julio Fernandez (, June 21, 2001.

I can`t make the comparisons that you`re looking for, but I can tell you that I sold a 75mm SA and a 90mm SA and replaced them with the 80mm, and couldn`t be more pleased. The 80mm is sharper than the other two, especially at the corners. Other image qualities, contrast etc., are pleasing as well. Another plus is actually being able to see what you are focusing on...

-- Steve Clark (, June 21, 2001.

Most of my photo work in recent months has involved a repeat photography project and I am finding that I dont' need to go as wide as my 80XL very much - so, I still have limited experience with it. I am, however, quite pleased with the results I have gotten. I did purchase the center filter, as I felt it was needed for some of the landscape work I am doing. Exposures are nicely even with the filter in place. I also use this same center filter on the 110XL on occasion and find it benefits as well, under certain conditions. Although I have not done extensive testing, I find the 80XL lens to be sharp and contrasty - and certainly very compact. Most of my shots have been taken with the lens fairly well stopped down. I use it with a recessed lensboard on a Toyo 45A field camera. I feel that the 80XL and 110XL nicely cover the wide end of my lens requirements (there are a few occasions when I'd like to be able to go wider...but not many).

Hopefully this helps a bit...regards, Bill

-- Bill Stone (, June 21, 2001.

i have one super symmar 4.5 80 xl, it s a great lens, i bought it one month ago, and i want to sell it. 1200 euros or 1055 $ include shipping for europe. maybe you want to buy it ?? (i'm in france)

-- metairie christophe (, January 23, 2002.

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