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Sorry if this has already been asked before, but--

Can I use the new Kodak Readyload single-sheet packets with the RL holder designed for the twin-sheet packs? Thanks.

-- Peter Latner (, June 16, 2001


as i have been told, yes, you can use the old holder with the new single sheet packets. however, it is probably best ot upgrade your holder as soon as you can since the new holder is supposedly an improvement over the old holder. i have two on order for as soon as they are available.

-- jnorman (, June 16, 2001.

On p37 of the new View Camera, there's a 1/4 page notice regarding the new Kodak Readyload single sheet system. It says, and I quote "Although there are hopes, fantasies, etc. about being able to use these new single sheet packets in existing Polaroid, Fuji Quickload, and older Readyload holders, it is View Camera's recommendation that photographers use the new single sheet holder."

-- David Munson (, June 17, 2001.

I don't know anything about any "fantasies", but here are a few FACTS about the new single sheet Readyloads.

When they were initially announced, both in press releases and on Kodak's web site, the new single sheet Readyloads were said to be compatible with the double sheet Readyload holder, the Polaroid 545i and the Fuji Quickload holder. Those statements remained on the Kodak web site until early March, when all references to the Fuji Quickload holder were deleted.

Currently, Kodak, both on their web site and in the instructions that come with the single sheet Readyload packets, recommend the Rev. IIII (black pressure plate) double sheet Readyload holder and the Polaroid 545i.

The single sheet Readyload packets have been available for about a month now, but the single sheet Readyload holder is not available currently, and may not be for a few more months.

Since the single sheet Readyload holder does not exist at this time, anyone wishing to use the single sheet Readyloads (the only Readyloads currently available since the double sheet packets ceased production in December, 2000) has to use either the double sheet Readyload holder or the Polaroid 545i. This will continue to be the case for the immediate future.

On a practical note, I have used the new single sheet Readyloads in a late double sheet Readyload holder (Rev. IIII - the one with the black pressure plate), and have not had a single failure. The single sheet Readyload packets will definitely NOT work in the Fuji Quickload holder. I have not personally tried the single sheet Readyloads in a Polaroid 545i.

Any hopes and or "fantasies" were the direct result of Kodak initially announcing compatibility with all of these holders. The fact is, Kodak themselves said the new single sheet Readyloads would work in the double sheet Readyload holder, the Polaroid 545i and the Fuji Quickload holder. The have since reneged on compatibility with the Quickload holder, but continue to recommend the other two. I'm sure once the new single sheet Readyload holder is available, it will be the "best" solution for using single sheet Readyload packets, but in the meantime I plan to keep shooting them every chance I get in my double sheet Readyload holder - Kodak recommends it and based on my experience, so do I.


-- Kerry Thalmann (, June 17, 2001.

I just talked with someone at Kodak. They're willing to convert my older-style Readyload holder to the newer type at no cost. (Apparently, it involves changing the silver pressure plate to a matte black plate.) Thanks for all the help, folks.

-- Peter Latner (, June 18, 2001.

If I thank Kerry for all of his contributions to this forum but use non-italic type does that mean I can't fantasize about his continue to bring enlightenment to use unworthy knaves?

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, June 18, 2001.

In response to a request, here's how to ask Kodak for a free conversion of an older Readyload holder (the type with a silver pressure plate) to the type that's approved for the new single packets. Call Kodak's customer service line, 800-242-2424, press ext. "19" when prompted (Professional Products), and speak to a rep. The rep who helped me is Peter Vimislik--very nice guy. The conversion involves changing the silver pressure plate to a matte- black plate--apparently there's a fog risk with the silver plates. According to Peter, there's no plane-of-focus problem with the older holders--it's simply a fog issue.

-- Peter Latner (, June 19, 2001.


This is great news for owners of older versions of the double sheet Readyload holders. I also think it's a great move on Kodak's part. By offering this conversion, it will get more photographers using their new single sheet packets, and I think it also builds a lot of good will between Kodak and their customers. They really seem intent on making the new single sheet Readyloads a success. Due to well publicized problems with the old double sheet Readyloads (mostly when the system was first introduced over a decade ago), they have a lot of inertia to overcome to get people to try their new products. I'm one person who had problems with the old double sheet Readyloads and had pretty much written off using Kodak products in favor of Fuji. I'm glad I decided to give them another chance. So far, in my limited use, the single sheet packets work great, and for many subjects, I really like E100VS. I think the combination of a reliable Readyload product, and an exciting film like E100VS will win back a lot of photographers who had given up on Kodak. The fact that they are willing to upgrade older holders free of charge should also convince any doubters that Kodak is doing everything they can to support the customers of their new single sheet Readyload packets.

BTW, a similar thread has been going on in, but your posting here is the only mention of the free holder upgrade. I'll post a pointer to this thread in that newsgroup so others with older holders can learn about the free upgrade.

Ellis, sorry about the italics. It was unintentional on my part. Somehow David's font characteristics got carried forward to my post.


-- Kerry Thalmann (, June 19, 2001.

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