durst laborator 54 , strange things happen when removing the diffuseglass.

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Hello , I have a durst laborator 54 and i have always used the diffuseglass between the bulb and the condensors. Now i removed it ,to see what the difference is , and the light on the groundplate shows some big dark spot ? I've used all the f-stops but the dark spot just got bigger or smaller . I tried to move the bulb but nothing happens ? (the corners on the groundplate turned into a red color when moving the bulb).The only thing i've noticed was a spot on the enlarger-lens (inside the lens) , is this the problem ? Well i'm saving money to buy me a new enlarger but the results with this laborator 54 are still good , so maybe i have to replace the lens or just put the diffuser back ?

as always , thanks for the previous answers ...


-- van gelder patrick (patvangelder@yahoo.com), June 16, 2001


This enlarger (I don't know how others behave) has not an even illumination with the condensers at all settings. You should always use the correct set of condensers, for the lens and enlargement factor to minimize the problem. A large size opalin bulb will help. Closing the lens will soon show you areas with different lighting. There is no possibility to replace the head by a diffuse light head on this model. So if you are going to do much darkroom work, get hold of a recent enlarger with color or multigrade head. There are many on the market at low price due to the digital trend. Otherwise, try setting your enlarger the best you can with bulb position, inserting perhaps a thin diffusing screen in the top filter draw, but this will make you loose light. I don't know how big is the spot you saw in your lens, but I would think the dark spot you saw is more likely a small damage or dust on one of the condensers. If the glass is affected, there is nothing you can do. But let me say not to discourage you that I have made many Ilfochrome prints with an enlarger like yours and a scatched condenser! I modified however the head to use a 500W quartz bulb with a fan system.

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), June 16, 2001.

Patrick, before you toss away your enlarger and head out for a new one, have you considered making modification to it - changing it a cold light head. I modified my Durst laborator 1000 - 54 format by doing away with the condenser opal glass and installing a compact fluoresant lamp with variable adjustable light density control, works like a charm. I get even exposure through out and fast printing time.


-- James Lim (jim@vectrapoint.com), June 25, 2001.

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