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HI, my name is Marie, I am just begining to begin. Well I have hiked alot, but I would like to climb Mt.Adams in the White Mountains of New Hampshire this summer. I can only get into hiking at this time. Rock climbing is just too far out of my budget for gear at the moment.I am a single Mom on an excruciating budget. I go to a closed down ski "hill" and climb it repeatedly in an afternoon to gain endurance.(hey, its cheaper than going to the gym!)My question is, where do I find other people to climb (I mean hike) with? If it's a really big mountain, can I call it climbing? I guess I must sound pretty green. And where might I find info on the hike itself? Know of any good books on the trails in the Presidential peaks of the White Mountains? I inquire about those mountains, because they are the closest to me. I live in Rhode Island. Also how about the names of some "not too expensive" all weather hiking boots. The $20 imitation boots I have from Kmart are killing my ankles, OUCH! Thanks for any advice you can give. It will be much appreciated. Marie

-- Marie Delgrego (, June 15, 2001


For some free info I would suggest you go to and search for white mountain stuff. Next time your in the whites go to IME in North Conway and get a pair of used boots on consignment... or go to a spainish website with super deals. Also check your local library, they probably have some guide books to the whites. good luck Trav just e-mail me if you any other questions... not that I'm promising an intelligent answer

-- Travis Zuber (, July 22, 2001.

Have you looked into joining the Appalacian Mountain Club (AMC)? The cost is I think $35.00 a year and they have a local chapter in RI. They do a lot of group hikes, climbs, etc, and even sponsor trips to the Whites for the local chapters and clinics for members. It would be a good place to reach out to a bunch of people with the same interests and ability level. They also provide member discounts on literature that is published by the organization including their own White Mountain Guide. Hopefully this helps.

-- Chuck Flickinger (, November 17, 2002.

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