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Hi everybody, i recently bought a Canon A1 body only with a canon speedlight 155A. I wanted to know if it's normal when pressing the shutter with the speedlight on (without lens, i have to buy it) that the flash doesn't work (neither in AE mode nor in manual mode)? The display shows the correct speed (1/60) and the F. I tried the speedlight with another camera and it works. Thanks for any answer and suggestion.

-- Andrea Gentili (nandobass@katamail.com), June 15, 2001


I'm assuming you aren't watching through the finder for the flash to fire... :o) Normal operation of the A-1 with the 155A: when the flash's ready light comes on, the camera will automatically be set to (1) 1/60th second shutter speed (regardless of the settings on the camera,) and (2) the lens will stop down (when you shoot) to the f/stop selected on the flash, also without regard to the settings on the camera body (lens must be on "A".) If the camera is receiving the signal from the flash (sounds like it is) but won't fire, it sounds like the sync contacts in the camera have a problem, especially if the flash works correctly on another camera's hotshoe.

-- Alan Davenport (w7apd@home.com), June 16, 2001.

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