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Hi. My name is Michael Gatton and I will be your E-Mentor. I have been a science teacher in district six for 10 years. I would like to start by asking everyone to introduce yourself. I encourage you to tell us personal as well as professional information about yourself so that we get to know each other. I will be arranging a physical meeting of all participants in the coming weeks.

I'll tell you about myself first. I am a North Carolina native who studied political science and German Literature. I came to New York 10 years ago hoping to teach German in a high school. Luckily that didn't pan out, because I fell into a science teaching position and have not regretted it. It was a lot of work, learning how to teach, learning science, yaddayaddayadda.....

Click on "contribute an answer" to introduce yourself...

I can show you how to include a photo and/or a hyperlink in your message.

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2001


This is a test response that will be deleted...

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2001


-- Anonymous, September 21, 2001

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