Can I tell by the SN if it is a Canon f-1, f-1n, or f-1N? : LUSENET : Canon FD : One Thread

Is there a list somewhere that indicates by the serial number which model it is?

-- Wendy Stabenow (, June 15, 2001


There is an easier way:

It is a new F-1 or F-1N if there is no stopdown/timer lever beside the lens mount. Instead there is a battery cover. Here's a link to a site describing this camera: .htm

OTOH, an F-1 or F-1n has a lever beside the lens mount and the battery is accessed from the bottom. The 'n' is a refined version and can be identified by a maximum ASA setting of 3200. Here is a link: htm



-- Duane K (, June 15, 2001.

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