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I'm tempted by the Schneider non-XL 47mm f5.6 S-Angulon, offered to me at a good price, as my first view-camera lens for interiors and architectural exteriors primarily. The Schneider site tells me it's made to cover 6x9 specifically - presumably it does not require a center filter? I might buy an Arca Basic 4x5 with it, plus a Horseman RF back - I have no desire at all to shoot 4x5 but again it's offered at a good price, though I'd prefer the 6x9 Arca. Comments on this combination, and/or the lens itself?

-- Anthony Harrison (, June 14, 2001


It won't even come close to covering a 4x5 piece of film but is quite nice for 6x9 (with movements) or even 6x12 (with no movements). It'll still be a plenty wide angle of view on 6x9, close to that of a 20mm on a 35mm SLR. it has been awhile since I shot with one but you probably will need a center weighted filter if you are shooting architecture, especially interiors, but test and find out.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, June 14, 2001.

Indeed the 47 SA is excellent on 6x9cm. I used it some years back with my first 6x9 field camera and it produced some fine images. Because I was using it with just b/w I didn't feel the need for the centre filter however one may be necessary if you are shooting colour slide film, the light fall-off at the corners is noticable.

If you are only going to use it with roll film then go for it, but if you wish to step-up to 4x5 then the 47XL will be necessary. Good luck,

-- Trevor Crone (, June 15, 2001.

Hi Anthony Just another thought, If you are starting from scratch, then have you considered the Cambo Wide system - ideal for your requirements and able to take roll film and sheet film. And I believe that Robert White has a demo camera for sale as well as a 47mm lens unit for the cambo at a marked saving over buying new. The movements are limited to shift only but the camera is well suited for interiors etc. Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, June 16, 2001.

Anthony, I've had an Arca 6x9 FC for a few months and I love it. It has all the movements necessary for architecture and is quite portable in a small backpack. I would suggest a longer lens for your first one if you're doing exteriors. The 47 would be helpful for interiors but that's awfully wide for architecture outdoors unless you're always in cramped spaces. My first purchase was a 65/5.6 Super Angulon and I love it. But even that is too wide sometimes --- I'm shooting streetscapes and sometimes get too much foreground & sky (I don't like to crop), especially when I use my 6x7 back. So I just bought a Schneider 80/ 4.5 SS. Consider the 65 --- it's about the same as a 28mm in 35mm format. You won't need a center filter, either. The Horseman RF backs are very good. The spacing is a bit uneven between frames but that is apparently normal and doesn't cause a problem if you advance the lever slowly.

-- Sandy Sorlien (, June 16, 2001.

Hello Anthony, I am using cambo wide with the 47 XL and it is just great. It is my first 4X5 camera an it is the best introduction to large format as far as I am concern. If you can find one with a reasonable price then I sugest to go for it. You will need a filter though.

-- Renee Galang (, June 18, 2001.

I have the old style 47 and use it with a 6x7cm back on a Sinar. A recessed board is required and of course bag bellows. It is barely wide enough for some interiors, but perfect for most. As previously mentioned I find the 47mm too wide for exteriors -- the 65mm seems to work well for this application on 6x7cm. A center filters is nice for exteriors where the sky will noticably go dark, but I wouldn't think it would be much value for interiors (not to mention the light it eats up). I have used a ND grad filter for exteriors acting as a center filter to control or even out the fall off.

-- Richard Stum (, June 24, 2001.

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