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Woah! What's this I read on the redwood films web site? Has there been a thread about this already?

Title: SHADOWPLAY Genre: Animation Release Date: Coming To Development Directors: Don Bluth, Peter Chung Voices: Denise Poirier, Jennifer Lien, John Rafter Lee, Ming-Na Wen, Olivia D'Abo, Sarah Silverman, Carlos Ferro, Elle McPherson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Rooker

PITCH: A CGI action adventure set in the next millenium, Anika Best (Poirier) is a sexy bounty hunter that's hired to find a man who has stolen an ancient spiritual relic of an alien people. While on the mission, she runs into a band of rebels also in search of the relic led by Cassandra (Lien), an old rival. The insuring expedition is filled with cat and mouse games played by all three parties, and a final maneuver know only as the Shadowplay.




-- Phil South (, June 14, 2001


Oh Phil don't go south on me now - say its true! true! true!!!!!!!!Is this the new project Peter referred to? What is this Redwood site's exact address?...and hugs and kisses for letting us know! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go jump up and down now!!!!! ^..^

-- Barb e (, June 14, 2001.

Just go to if you're interested. But for what it's worth, Phil pretty much copied and pasted the whole thing for us. Thank You Phil. And you be careful jumping up and down Barb - try not to hit your head on any ceilings (or clouds for that matter) :)

-- Pixi (, June 14, 2001.

Thanks Pixi, I forgot to URL it.

Barb, calm yourself. Let's get John and Denise in here to talk about this too, if they are allowed. They are in it y'know!

Oh, and I saw "George Lucas in Love" today. Sensational. Only a quick flash of John Rafter Lee though... shame.



-- Phil South (, June 14, 2001.

This isn't a real film, sadly... it's from that "armchair producer" site. Ask C.S. Wood, he'll tell you.

-- Inukko (, June 15, 2001.

Fast move Mr. Gilbreathing Hard, guess I forgot our past history lesson. But oh what a beautiful dream it was. Waste of good jumping.

-- Barb e (, June 15, 2001.

Oh doh doh doh, suckered again.

Sorry guys I wasn't part of that history lesson the first time around. You see? I don't know history so I guess I'm doomed to repeat it.


Sorry to get yer hopes up. I'll read things through a bit more carefully next time.



-- Phil South (, June 15, 2001.

Don't worry Phil, you wouldn't be the first one to confuse fact with fiction... (still cleaning egg off face)

-- Inukko (, June 15, 2001.

Now that you mention it, where is Peter Chung? He hasn't posted in a while; that and the tea leaves might mean something.

-- Inukko (, June 15, 2001.

Tell you the truth I was always suspicious when I saw the name Don Bluth; if you remember Peter's comments about Titan A.E....

-- Barb e (, June 15, 2001.

He's probably lurking. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

-- Frostbite a.k.a. Frosty the Snow Chick (, June 17, 2001.

Oh, I'm not worried. Movie making is a long & arduous process, after all ;)

-- Inukko (, June 18, 2001.

But that doesn't explain why Peter Chung AND John Lee AND Denise Poirier haven't been around for a while... wait a second... could it be that... naw, surely not... :?)

-- Phil South (, June 18, 2001.

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