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Judy - I would volunteer my website as an example - it is unusual but from this website I have generated over $60,000.

Karl M. Kindt III

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001


I am interested. I work for Affton Fabricating & Welding Co., Inc. (AFWC) which is a family-owned company that was started by my grandfather in the 1950's. Currently the company is owned by second generation family members, and I am the third generation involved with the business. We fabricate structural steel for general contractors in the St. Louis metro and western Illinois areas. We currently have a web site ( Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about us for your article.

Thanks, Matt Tucker

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001

Best times to call me: Any day from 9-5 at 314 335 1159 M-F except this week on Wed and Thu I will be only available in the afternoons on those days. Evenings I do a lot of knight work and this week on Wed and Thur I am going to be working pretty late but you can call me tonight after 10 pm - or Wed night after 10pm or Fri night at about 9pm. at my home phone which is 314 961 0987.

When I walk about in my armor I do have a business card I pass out but most of the time I simply say "go to" and most people interested have internet access. I have one man in England who saw my website and is promoting me in his home town there Ross on Wye and even has created a link for me on his town's website to mine. Many other medeival sites references my website now and as a consequence have been invited to over 300 public schools thoughout the country though most of them right here in St. Louis. Most of my business is locally based. In the month of May I have had 38 assignments as a knight and everyone of these assignments came to me via this website or used the website for their flyers and posters in promoting my coming. The website has saved me LOTS OF MONEY in terms of literature since, for example, teachers simply print out what they need and the schools duplicate the materials as do scouts, etc. Before I had the website I spent over a thousand a year on literature and now I have NO literature expenses at all with the exception of my business card.

If you wish I would be happy to meet with you for lunch someday also. When I am not in my armor I work for the law firm Lewis, Rice & Fingersh on the corner of Broadway and Washington in downtown St. Louis - that's 500 N. Broadway, Suite 2000.

Obviously this interview could be of advantage to my business as a knight so i want to accomodate you as best I can.


-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001

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