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With all the controversy surrounding his execution, what does everyone think? I am definitely pro death sentence...although I think the way they did it was too easy for him.

-- Joanna (, June 13, 2001


i strongly beleive that tim mcveigh did NOT deserve to die and that no man or woman in that matter deserves to die by capital punishment. i`m not saying what he did was right or just, what i`m saying is that by killing mcveigh, you did not bring justic to those who died in the bombing, by killing mcveigh, will not bring back your lost love ones and make you complete again and by killing mcveigh dose not get rid of a bad person it just brings the amarican death rate up one more. people don`t understand that this event and the event of capital punishment dosn`t just effect the american society, it effects the whole of humanity and until people start to understand this and put an end to this bullshit and killing then man kind can never truly be safe from each other. i`m not one to read the bible but i know that no where in the bile dose it say the god gave the american government to kill thoese who have kill another. it is not justice it is revenge and in my view of this it just makes we even more descusted in the american government..... god damn george bush

-- megan minas (, August 03, 2001.

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