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I have a 35 mm kit nikon 801 with two lens , 35-70 2.8 & 80-200 2.8.Mamiya 645 super kit with 3 lens + linhof 4*5 field camera 1 lens w 6*12 roll film back. I feel i need a back pack with a good harness. Can the pro trekker be carried on as hand luggage.? Thanks David

-- david lavery (, June 13, 2001


I have the Trekker AW (I can't remember if it is a "Pro"). It just barely fits the carry on size restrictions.

I'm about 6'-3", the waist harness is in the wrong spot for me. HOwever, it's pretty comfortable without it.

Most airline web sites have their permitted dimensions and weights listed.

-- Dave Mueller (, June 13, 2001.

I used to own a Pro Trekker AW and never had a problem hand carrying it in aircrafts. It however barely fits in some overhead compartments. The problem is the harness which is very thick; if the bag is not overpacked (bulging) you won't have any problem, otherwise you will have to push it a bit to fit it in most small planes compartments. I have flown Southwest, Air Canada, and United with it.

-- Georges Pelpel (, June 13, 2001.

Be careful if you're going through an airport that has one of those bag size templates. It won't fit with the side pouch and you have to make sure the harness system is well bound and stowed. If you leave the harness loose, it won't fit.

-- Tim Klein (, June 13, 2001.

Carry-on specs are posted on my site at: If you know the O.D. of the Trekker, compare to this chart.

-- Richard Stum/Kinesis (, June 14, 2001.

The PhotoTrekker AW is the right size, the Pro is too large. However, both of them will fail another test: weight. If I remember correctly the PhotoTrekker AW empty is more than 50% of the allowed weight. Even a small amount of photo equipment will exceed the limit. For example, British Airways limit is 13 lbs for the cheapest tickets. Put as much stuff as you can in your pockets instead.

-- Andreas Wickberg (, June 14, 2001.

You might try a photo trekker "classic" at about 5 lbs empty. It fits (barely) through the airport templates (13x6x18). The AW version is about the same size (12x6x19), but I've never needed the AW part (the classic is still pretty weather proof) - so I saved a bit of money and weight.

-- david chang (, June 16, 2001.

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